Jewellery Care

With the correct care and handling your Jugal Kishore jewellery will continue to look like new.

Here are a few handy hints:

  • Remove jewellery before sleeping to avoid accidental damage.
  • Items should be stored separately to avoid scratching.
  • Direct contact with perfumes and hairspray may cause jewellery discoloration.
  • Hollow items may dent under impact or pressure please treat with care.
  • Quality cleaning solutions are available from your stores. Our sales staff will be happy to advise you.
  • Jewellery should be removed when bathing. Swimming pools have chemicals that can be harmful to jewellery and pearls.
  • All stone settings should be checked regularly to ensure stones are secure.
  • Wear pearls after applying make-up hairsprays or perfume. Store in a jewellery box or soft cloth to reduce the likelihood of scratching.
  • White gold items are rhodium plated to enhance their luster and may require re-plating to restore the finish.

Body Jewellery

  • Sterilise body jewellery before use.
  • Do not use body jewellery for piercing.
  • Following the care instructions from your piercing professional.
  • Allow your piercing to fully heal before insert body jewellery.
  • Toe tings should not b pulled part or squeezed together when placing on toe. This may cause the precious metal to crack or the stones to fall out.
  • Anklets can break if pulled or caught on stockings or shoes.


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